Sunday, July 18, 2010

Breakfast in Atlanta

It is true that I love food…but I really love breakfast!!!! Yesterday one of my older sisters and I went to my favorite breakfast spot in Atlanta…Highland Bakery. And it got me thinking…I need to list my top three places to enjoy breakfast any time of the day. So here we go….
3. Flyin Biscuit
There are locations in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. You can get vegan and non vegan items here. I LOVE their Love Cakes which are made from black beans…and their soysage has a wonderful kick to it. Of COURSE their biscuits are yummy and they come in classic and whole wheat. But I have to say by far my favorite dish and what I get 9 times out of 10 that I go is the Southern Scramble. The combination of eggs, collard greens, turkey bacon, greens and cheddar cheese may sound strange but it tastes oh so right. Add to that the Sledgehammer (4 shots of espresso with cream) and their signature rosemary potatoes, and you are good to go. Or add a yummy mimosa or Bellini…yes they serve a little but of alcohol. Nothing hard, but enough options to compliment a meal. They take all forms of payment and are really busy on the weekend.
2. Thumbs Up Diner
With 5 locations spread out in Atlanta, Thumbs Up has breakfast down pat. These hole in the wall spots crank out the biggest pancakes I have ever seen and some YUMMY home potatoes. They are ALWAYS packed and rarely will you go and not have a short wait. You wont find a hostess to welcome you but a podium with a pad on it for you to sign your name and number in your party. Don’t worry…you wont have to wait for too long. But it will oh so be worth the wait. My must have item to eat every time I go is The Heap. You can pretty much have it any way you want but it will be served in a small cast iron skillet. Bottom layer consisting on their home fries, then you choose your cheese, your meat and how you want your eggs cooked that will be laid on top. Man oh man my mouth is watering just thinking about it!!! No alcohol served here and they take cash only…but don’t worry…there is an ATM machine in each location...
1. Highland Bakery
Man, where do I start? First of all I was introduced to this place by one of my oldest friends…and I have been hooked ever since!!! They have it ALL…coffees, baked goods, and yummy fresh, all natural food!!! They even mill their grits on site!!!! And you get SO MUCH yummy food!!! There is only ONE Highland Bakery in Atlanta and that may be why I love it so much. They stay busy but I don’t remember waiting longer than 5-10  minutes even on a Saturday morning. I LOVE their French toast…I mean LOVE LOVE LOVE their French toast. But when my sister and I went I got an omelet made my way. That means light onion, spinach, mushrooms, ham and mozzarella!!!! Oh and since I don’t eat grits I got their YUMMY home potatoes that are made from red potatoes and seasoned to perfection. But what my sister got (which I have been scared to get) is their famous peanut butter French toast. Let me say that their French toast is made with 1in thick challah bread so you know it is going to be a lot of food. But the peanut butter French toast is TWO pieces of challah bread held together with peanut butter, grilled on a flat top (melting the peanut butter perfectly) and topped with carmelized bananas!!!! Does that not sound yummy???!!! She wanted eggs too and I told her that the French toast was a lot of food and that may not be a good idea but of course she did NOT listen to her little sister. Well…in this Mann vs. Food situation…FOOD CONQUIRED!!!! They take all forms of payment. No alcohol served here but you can get anything you find at Starbucks here!!! Sit inside, outside or on bar stools and no matter what you order…you will not be disappointed. Next time I go I will be trying the cilantro corn pancakes that are over black beans!!! Does that not sound divine??
Here is a picture of my food and my sisters…is your mouth watering yet?Highland fthighland omel

Happy Eating!!!


  1. My mouth is WATERING!! I am so excited to visit ATL now! I will definitely keep checking back for your other food suggestions because I like to eat good when I go out of town.. Especially at the hometown spots!! Deelish!

  2. great!!! Yeah I like the spots that are original to Atlanata...I will be posting my fave Mexican spots this weekend!!